Spring Break to School Mode

Hey everyone,

All good things come to an end including spring break. High school is already a crucial time in your life, but the last months of the year can make you or break you. Finals, EOCs, AP Exams, and the last few tests of the year are around the corner. If you get lazy and set your gears to summer mode, your cute summer clothes aren’t going to get you anywhere sadly. You have to stay strong and remember the year’s not over yet and the worst is yet to come. It’s going to be hard to get the focus and drive you had back after spring break. Here are a few tips to get motivated:

  • Read about someone around your age who impacted the world.
  • Place inspirational quotes around the room to remind you to keep trying.
  • Have an academic role model, whether it be a classmate, sibling or that person you read about.
  • Set long term and short term goals.
  • Always keep in mind what you are doing this for (your dream job, dream college, to bring joy, for your parents etc.)

You are going to need all the motivation you can get as teachers will plow through material not wasting a second once you come back to school. I’m already feeling scared, waking up early, taking tests, ugh school… Good Luck getting back to school!




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  1. Puneet Kumar says:

    Good blogging. Keep it up.


  2. im7swatig says:



  3. Falguni says:

    Very nice writing and great tips!


  4. im7swatig says:



  5. Rukmini says:

    Awesome job . Very well written . Keep writing 👍


  6. im7swatig says:



  7. shaily says:

    Wow!!!! I love to read your blogs. Very well expressed. I liked most ” few tips to get motivated” . keep writing and keep posting. Good luck.


  8. im7swatig says:



  9. Gautami says:

    Very honest thinking and expressed well! Good luck.


  10. Neerja says:

    Very well expressed thoughts ! Love your writing style .. Looking forward to reading more from you .


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