Worried about Finals?

The holidays are near and it seems like everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. Everywhere there’s Christmas carols playing, winter decorations, and great food. But you know what else is near? Finals! You know the thing we students have to take before school is released for winter break. The dreaded exam called Finals or Midterms, both equally hated, comprehensive of everything learned so far in the school year. Luckily, you have me and some of my tips. So here’s you guide to surviving Final’s Week.

  • Make a plan

First make a To-Do list of everything you want to do to prepare for your finals. Then bring out the calendar and decide what days will you study for what and what days will you finish this etc. This way you won’t have to cram the last day because you forgot to study the week before.

  • Finish other tasks first

Having other things on your mind, won’t help you study. Therefore I suggest, finishing your other tasks ahead of time. If you’re studying and all you can think about is how much work you have to do on you Spanish project or how you didn’t do the laundry yet..chances are you’re not studying effectively. You may be reading, but you aren’t understanding. So finish anything that may distract you from studying for your finals.

  • Review, don’t reread

A mistake that a lot of people make is rereading the whole textbook from the beginning to the end for finals. However, they fail to realize there are more efficient ways to study. Reviewing and understanding the “story” of the chapter and learning key terms can sometimes be enough. Since this is all material that has already been learned those few key points should remind you of the details.

  • Study Helpers

As I mentioned before, there are many other ways of studying other than just reading the textbook. Try using different online resources, perhaps using quizlets to review vocabulary; sparknotes to review books; and khan academy for understanding math or science concepts. And if you think you’re ready then try searching for some practice tests you can do to test your competence in the material.

  • Relax, but not really

Chill. You won’t get anything done just by worrying and being nervous. Make sure you take your well-deserved  breaks after studying for hours continuously but don’t just not study. Make sure you put a timer for how long you want to take a break because sometimes, those breaks can get a little lengthy. Get plenty of sleep before finals, so you’ll be fresh and ready to go the day of the final. Also, remember confidence is key. Don’t overthink or doubt yourself. You learned and studied this material, you got it!

Good Luck to everyone studying for finals and I hope that some of my tips helped!




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very valuable piece of advice !!! I hope you are using the same methodology to ace your finals ..😃 I am sure a person with such great and mature mind will do absolutely great . Good luck and best wishes .. Love


  2. Shreya says:



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