Congressional Elections: Jon Ossoff vs. Karen Handel

Living in the 6th District of Georgia, I was more than surprised when my district’s election made national headlines. And for what? The most expensive congressional election in U.S. History. So, I decided to investigate a little further about the candidates. However, the first few things that popped up were advertisements completely slandering the candidates.Β No, they didn’t provide qualifications of why X candidate is better rather horrific advertisements tarnishing the reputation of the candidate.

Elections have become one of the most hot topics of 2017, from the Presidential Election to the Congressional District Elections, so major news outlets and media have taken this opportunity to improve their ratings- by bringing out the worst in people.

Ideally, campaigns and media should be a positive influence that help candidates get their platform, views, and ideas to the public and bring more awareness to their candidacy and election. However, current elections have taken a turn for the worse, with outrageously silly and radical advertisements, attempting to tarnish a person’s character. In fact, a few advertisements against Jon Ossoff straight up attack him by claiming him to be the cause of the recent terror attack in France, and by posting a photo-shopped video of him beheading President Donald Trump. Is that seriously what the over 50 million dollars spent on this campaign are being used for? For silly ads against each other?

For the most expensive congressional election in U.S. History, it certainly is turning into one of the most petty elections. With no substantial facts or evidence, slandering each other’s names on media outlets is just simply foolish.

While I do appreciate well crafted advertisements, fundraising for a candidate, campaigning, rallies, and other political support. I honestly, feel that elections need to tone down the harshness because it should not be about attacking a person’s character, but about making your point and convincing voters of your merits and commitment to the people. However, I do have to say that this election definitely has helped improve voter participation – a fortunate outcome from this craziness.


Anyways, if you live in the 6th District make sure to go out and vote (my personal opinion) for Jon Ossoff! Regardless, make sure to go vote in your districts congressional election as well! #flipthe6th

Let’s keep it positive,



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